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Electric Vehicles Powertrains

Transmissions and electric motors  designed to achieve high efficiency and power density.

Transaxles for Electric Vehicles
Electric Powered Axles

Electric Transaxles

TX1 Serie & TX2 Serie electric transaxles offers output torque from 150 to 1.600Nm. Available with modular configurations for 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Wheel Drives for AGV LGV AMR

Electric Wheel Drives

WD Serie, DD1 Serie and TR1 Serie electric drive wheels offer output torque from 150 to 1.000Nm. Available with several motor technologies and modular configurations.

Electric Motors for Traction

Electric Motors

SMAC Serie (Synchronous motors) and AMAC Serie (Asynchronous motors) offer powers from 0.3 to 30kW and voltages from 24 to 600V. Available with hydraulic interfaces, IEC/NEMA or customized flanges.

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Ideas in motion

Utilizing our strong expertise in gearboxes, we have developed a modular OEM powertrains package offering. We leverage the large variety of electric motors manufactured by the Benevelli Group that offer low-rotor inertia, fast dynamic response, and high torque in order to deliver the most compact electric powertrain solutions for each customer's application.

Our Experience

Benevelli compact, lightweight and powerful powertrains enable vehicle hybridization and electrification thanks to over than 55 years of experience in this market. The future is in electric driving. The future is now.

Our Philosophy

We design & manufacture high quality products for the total customer satisfaction, creating solutions that do not yet exist and follow new paths so that the vision of today can become the reality of tomorrow. 

Driving the future of Electric vehicles

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